Monday, September 7, 2015

3 September 2015: This morning, on my way to the beach, just as the first golden rays of dawn were warming up the eastern sky, i peeked into the road workers den and found them — young wawan and his mentor Pak Min -- propped up on the floor, fagging away.

I have never actually seen the road workers working, just smoking. There is a lot of mess on Pengembak and some half hearted signs warning people that there are two wong jember ahead, smoking.

Anyway, they infused my morning with joy so polite and javanese were they as i invaded their den like a bull in a china shop.

At the beach two madurese lovers arrived with a baby dog. She was a feisty ten ton Tessie and he a shy escort with chicken legs but matinee idol good looks. She said he looked like an 'artis'. Snaps were taken.

Next came an ethereal mother and grown up daughter duo in white batiks, bearing trays of offerings. They prayed to Ratu Baruna at the end of the groyne then scurried down the moss-covered groyne banks and threw themselves into the shallows like singlets on a spring outing.

There is a new dog walker on the block too : ketut from Ubud. Very decorative. And Adil and his Dad from Malang. Adil was very apprehensive about being photographed, i cant think why.


Morning glory II — with the mertasari carpark paving gang