Thursday, September 3, 2015

23 July 2015: Typical Mertasari couple, well not atcherly:

Typical Mertasari couple, well not atcherly: a young Surabayan student asked to be photographed with grey nomad Charles Tyler who had, pleasantly, interrupted my angst. I was about to post how distressing it is to post an amazing video like I did late last night and wake up to find just four tepid likes. This is never a good idea because people then think you are needy and won’t come to your cremation or go fund you. Anyway, other domestic tourists started lining up to be photographed with us two old Anglos, and I started flashing the odd gonad out of boredom. In a nice, not a nasty, way. Then Tommy Soeharto arrived on a pushbike. And then I found I Mimba — Semawang's answer to Ariel of Noah Band, or George Harrison — sporting a new burgundy rinse. Never a dull moment on Mertasari Beach. NOW WATCH YESTERDAY's video on heavy petting in a temple setting in the south seas, and weep. And like.