Thursday, September 3, 2015

22 June 2015: Denizens of Mertasari Beach part one:

Pak Nengah, tukang ngoggo. Pak Nengah is from Bangli but lives in Sanur and comes down and wades out at low tide and fishes. He is wearing the traditional costume of the tukang ngoggo — broad rice farmer capil painted with stripes, and with a bait tin glued on. Often they have goggles and exotic woven bumbags and affected army fatigues — Mad Max Mertasari style. 

In the 70s you would see them at night carrying lampu strongking pressure lamps — to look for nener small fry. In the 1960s only those who were brave enough ventured down Pengembak where leyak battles would take place on spooky nights. In the 1980s Mertasari beach on a Saturday night became the place for assignations and remains so to this day.