Thursday, September 10, 2015

11 Sept 2015: The weekend approaches and the scaffolding is being unloaded at Mertasari beach park for a " DJ" from hell no doubt. I will retreat to the mountains( tamanbebek sayan) to commune with the chainsaws and makita tile-cutters. Indonesians are blissfully oblivious to noise pollution — they r hard-wired for total tolerance. Does that make us silence-lovers less evolved?

A fierce wind blows from the east and all the warung vendors are wearing three jumpers and coughing and spluttering. Indonesians are very susceptible to chills( masuk anngin) — even the bubonic plague was blamed on " lagi ganti musim". Everyone says that, as a sort of universal black sheep for all ills -- " the wind has changed". The other thing yoU can bet on is an sms from a freshly minted amorante( lover) asking if you have eaten yet. This is called perhatian. I call it intrusive -- leave my eating habits out of the equation i say . Ha!

OMG mas Heru has arrived in a new hip hop outfit to jolt me out of my melancholy . He is retrieving the warung furniture he hides in the graveyard of retired sampans every night. His wife has pranged the warung bike and is getting a serving as he lugs furniture
AND THEN THE CHUBS ARRIVED -- a gang of saucy tarts in extreme hot pants , escorted by a young pimp on a pink bike. Heaven and bliss. The thing is, if youwait long enough at the beach warung, the world comes to you