Monday, September 21, 2015

22 Sept 2015: A VERSION OF THE HISTORY OF RENON's famed BARIS CINA TRANCE DANCE picked up on the beach this morning

This morning on the beach i met Ketut Slesir, from Renon, who is the son of the mangku priest of the Pura Dalem there. Pak Slesir and I talked about the legendary baris cina from his village and their antecedents in Madura. Apparently the 17th century dalem klesir from klungkung asked raden patah the first sultan of Demak to send some madurese soldiers to defeat the Raja Mengwi. Madurese moslem soldiers were more sakti/ mystically-empowered he explained. They came and stopped at kampung bugis, pura belanjong and pura mertasari apparently, before fighting the raja mengwi's troop alongside the raja Badung / Pemecutan. Eventually they ended up in Renon. To this day they dont eat pork. And still wear Madurese costumes when they do their spooking dance on the tenth full moon at Pura Mertasari. The lontar is at Puri Pemecutan and in the Puri Pemecutan. Another reason why puri are important you republican pinkoes