Wednesday, September 16, 2015

17 Sept 2015: Mertasari mourns: every house has this morning added an onion with a piece bitten out of it to its sluggoes memorial on the front gate. I got a snap of a truck driver delivering a load to majell's house. Gawjus sunrise: a dirty old chinese was on the groyne taking photos of his beefy driver, naked, in only a pair of curly tip black lace-ups. Kinky. Propriety prevented me from taking a snap. Today is the cremation of my driver's younger brother. Made Sopir has been driving miss daisy for almost 35 years now but wouldn't think of telling me his brother was grievously ill. I just got an sms " brother dead....need 4 days off". He died of something called getah bening ....weeping cyst. Sounds horrible. I'm sure something could hv been done about it. But people are too polite to ask!!! I will accompany the family to the cremation ground at eleven.


The critical mass of feudal-intellectual parking attendants has gathered at the beach warung and the bells are ringing for yet another prettu ngulapin ceremony (enticing dear departed's soul back from temporary place of abode in the ocean. They r a beautifully dressed family from Panjer: the priest is wearing a V C. Our gang here at the retirement warung tend to wear racey beachwear and, of late, an excess of chest jewelry. Tattoos are compulsory. Bancik, the warung studmuffin (as yet unmarried) has taken to posing against the tree — his Silouhette against the eastern sky is like a Jumaadi Jumaadi wayang

Meanwhile, on the beach, my dog Possu continues his elder abuse. Canine grannyporn