Sunday, September 13, 2015

14 Sept 2015: Monday morning musing: well what a week of television it was. My nominees for fabulous fakes are Serena Williams, with only nice things to say about the puddler Panetta at the post-match press conference (I am still coming to terms with that devastating loss two steps from a grand slam) and Melissa Rivers, whose stylist made her look like Zombie Jap Barbie for her Shirley Temple-channeling compering of the show on her late great mother's potty mouth. It looked like she's had her mother's face transplanted onto hers.

The best doco , screened on. BBC God bless them, was the gonzo pocket documentary LOVE AND HATE IN JAPAN about a 60 something chain-smoking 'new poor' ex maoist rebel , ex businessman postal clerk and his heavily depressed bargirl geisha partner and their life in a windowless micro appartment. Eye-opening and mind-boggling.
Meanwhile the sun rises on MERTasari Beach and Serangan Bay and sets on N ew York,where Federer and Djokovitch are waiting in the gladiator pit for the rain to stop.