Monday, September 7, 2015

1 September 2015: Such a quiet morning at Mertasari

Such a quiet morning at Mertasari — just one grey nomad on a bike and a serene sunrise. The light showers have scared everyone away. Today is the purwa daksina or the ngangget don bingin for the soul of the late ide perande karang at geria tapakgaNgsul. He and his wife founded the charming Segara Beach Village Hotel in Sanur and were pioneers of bali tourism. Usually the bingin( banyan) leaves r gathered first to use in fashioning the puspa( daksina) spirit effigies.only then can the purification ceremonies start . I think my source deep in the palace has got it arse about tit ( she is javanese) as they say. Anyway , its bound to be gawjus with the Soekarno era great beauty ibu kompiang(the widow ide peranda istri karang) leading a bevy of glambram glamourpuss around the banyan tree. There'll be folded and starched white napkin tiara and stellar breast broach. After two weeks emmersed in the subtler charms of Sydney -- cheese , wine, merry-- i need a bit of Hindu palace spectacle to shake off the cobwebs.

STOP PRESS: the DUDONAN KARYA has just arrived via facebook messenger ( sukseme, Ida Wijaya ) : the Ngangget is today at 3pm ; Ngajum on Thurs, 03Sept at 9am ; Mapurwa Daksina on 04th Sept at 10am;
Nganyut ke Segara Matahari Terbit, procession starts from 7am from Grya TGangsul.....will be big macet !!!