Thursday, September 17, 2015

18 Sept 2015: Turneresque sunrise at Mertasari this morning. Turneresque sunrise at Mertasari this morning. Just one group of saucy selfinistas this morning: a pretty ambon lady and two Dayak sidekicks from PontiAnak. Amir arrived to deliver my hormone drink. Warung pondok merana is closed so the discussion group has moved to mas heru's next door ( excellent nasi jinggo jawa btw) WHICH IS THIS MORNING GRACED BY dewi and yanti from the komplek up the road.

Heru is originally from Banyuwangi: he sought suarka 😷

(refugee status) here in the Casesrina grove because there is a fatwa on his head from FPI after he founded the pantai boom gandrung plus club. He is to star in the coming Widji Wienberg vehicle " suarka dibawah suar". The only bad news this morning is that the appearance overnight of construction sheds on the sandbar signaling the start of the new marina, for speedboats to Lembongan. Mertasari will become like a ferry terminal. Pengembak will become a major thoroughfare. That's what the paving is all about. Oh the horror.