Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16 Sept 2015: On the way to the beach i find athletic Australian Consul-General Majell Hind inspecting the paving of Pengembak and photographing all the budgie-smugglers (Speedoes to non-antipodeans) nAiled on the gates of conservative retirement homes in memory of Tony Abbot.

We are a conservative right wing monarchist expatriate suburb — only recently graced by the blond bombshell in Chanel Julie Bishop — and we are shocked by goings on in the home country. Most of my facebook friends are concerned with whether they should ditch their fake titles — adopted when Abboted re-instated the honors system — or join the Point Piper branch of artists for liberal. I went to school with malcolm turnbull he was a pretty thing: Cranbrook was a mostly all-girls school and we used to take turns rubbing up against him in the showers. Anyway, as i was saying, the Pengembak pavers asked me for a group photo this morning, and i was happy to oblige. As for the sunrise this morning....spectacular ...kind of Death in Venice