Sunday, January 10, 2016

9 Jan: The things you stumble across at Mertasari Beach: this morning I was Escaping the free-range spring roll vendor's interrogating me about my marital status when I stumbled across five barong masks floating in the shallows and, behind them, the wondrous GASES of SESETAN performing arts troupe, with their charismatic leader MANGKU KOMANG CANDRA, busy purifying the troupe's spooky masks. North of the group the saturday beach crowd were soaking, like satiated lemmings in the warm coastal waters. South of the ceremony, a grumpy tourist monitored a sky-high drone. At home base (the pondok merana) men in black headdresses gathered, having spent SIWALATRI night on the beach or at the nearby PURA DALEM PENGEMBAK