Sunday, October 4, 2015

4 October 2015: S is for Selfinistas, the ones who invade Mertasari Beach on a Sunday.

This morning, unusually, there is a gathering of young shit- faced pommy expats in the beach hut, making banale conversation and whinge-ing loudly. " i hate hate hate bali " moans one singlet-clad Suffex bore with beaded underarms. The tide is way out so the number of families outing is down. Hotties are few and far between. There are some dikes on bikes ( mufflers absent) who were meN to the small gaggle of queens gathered aRound the transgender lumpia vendor. " Paramex" they called them, " pantat rasa memex" . Unecessarily crude i thought.
And then four cute hari krishna arrive ahead of the flood of devotees due to arrive for a sri guru from india's lecture