Thursday, October 1, 2015

2 October 2015: I meet a lankashire lassie on mertasari beach --she is picking up plastic . She does it every year. She has written to the governor and Canadian lady. Good luck, luv I am moved to start picking up rubbish too instead of complaining about it. All the beach vendors do. The govt is too busy, anyway.......paving paradise. The golkar party's slogan for the coming city election is "up grade denpasar". Please no more, i protested on fb yesterday, it already looks like a whore with too much make-up ("lonte mapayas") The head of the local golkar chapter doesn't like my analogy and said that he knew i was a supporter of the man who insults women. I said "excuse me, i'm just a randy archeologist, and no more planter boxes and swan fountains in front of ancient majapahit style temples"