Sunday, March 13, 2016

8 March

Such a quiet Mertasari morning. Just one gaggle of chain-smoking junior bar girls with their germo (pimp) on the groyne.The beach warungs are all closed. Even Ibu Pasti , purveyor of nasi jingo to dead-beats has gone back to the village. Takim and i sit in a swarm of flies in the she oaks advising regulars of the bad news . Mas Heru opens his warung and provides an indifferent, greasy, overly sweet package of nasi jingo which does not hit the spot.
And then Gede the Karangasem super-spunk arrives in a t-shirt that says Nasklenk or go f_ck yourself . Professor Adrian Vickers always spells nas as nDas but the t-shirtmakers think otherwise.